Valentines Day Statistics

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I wanted to know what gifts were popular choices for people to give their sweethearts and came across some interesting statistics.  These statistics were complied in 2012 across the US and surprisingly the most popular gift choices have remained the most Romantic gifts for the past several decades.

Flowers, cards and chocolates remain the most popular Valentine's Day gift choices with evenings out, jewellery and bath products lagging behind.  Flowers and chocolates evoke sensual senses which can lead to more Romance for the couple or can encourage one to act on these emotions to the betterment of the other.  The statistics tell us that:

  • 49% bought flowers - of those 57% were aged 35-44 and 44% were aged 18-24
  • 52% planned to buy a greeting card
  • 36% planned an evening out
  • 34% of men bought jewellery which may or may not have been a diamond ring
  • $4.5 billion was spent on the purchase of seasonal chocolate
  • 50% of chocolate eaters buy chocolate for holidays or as gifts - of those 57% prefer milk chocolate, 33% prefer dark and 10% prefer white
  • $3.5 billion was spent on purchasing fragrances - of those $2.2 billion were spent on women's fragrances and $1.3 billion on men's
  • 31% of fragrance purchasers prefer musk scents while 29% prefer citrus scents

For us, Valentines Day is every day and we do not wait for one day each year to show our love for each other.  Make it a habit to show your love for your partner every day.  Remember,  ".....people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~ Maya Angelou


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