Here are some frequently asked questions that we often get asked.  If you have a question that has not been addressed please do not hesitate to ask us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

What is the address?
With all of our getaways their exact location information is given out once payment has been made.  Wanting to add some mystery and surprise to our client bookings we decided after consultation with our audience to release location directions and information one week prior to arrival.  This is to help the person who made the booking keep it as a surprise from their partner for as long as they can.

What are the check in and check out times?
All travel information relating to our getaways is usually given along with the directions and instructions information that is sent our one week prior to arrival.  From time to time we have the ability to alter the check in or check out times therefore these are not displayed on the listings.

What does it cost and what is included?

All of the pricing information is included on each getaway listing.  What is included in each package is also included on each listing.  Optional extras such as couples massages for each getaway will be shown on the listing.  We prefer to include meals with our bookings so our clients do not have to worry about where to eat when arriving at their getaway.  Not all getaway hosts provide meals and those that don’t we provide dining options by way of vouchers to local eateries chosen by us.

Marriage Proposals
For all of our Romantic Planning bookings including our Surprise Marriage Proposals, the cost depends on the client’s budget.  We plan and execute each booking based on the budget.  We can help each client identify their budget based on their expectations and preferences.

When is payment due?
Payment is due at the time the invoice is issued if your booking is less than 6 weeks from arrival.  If it is more than 6 weeks from arrival a 10% deposit is required with the balance due 6 weeks from arrival.  This is our standard practice for all bookings as some of our suppliers/vendors/hosts require full payment at the time the booking is made.

The deposit is non-refundable should your booking be cancelled due to the balance not being paid in full 6 weeks prior to arrival.  We will take all reasonable steps to contact you to follow up the unpaid invoice, however should we not be able to discuss this with you your booking will be cancelled.

For all of our Romantic Planning bookings payment is due at the time the invoice is issued in order to begin planning and making the necessary arrangements.  No planning will commence until the invoice is paid in full.

How much notice do you need for each booking?
For all of our getaway bookings we require at least 2 weeks notice for each booking.  This is so we can make sure the gift box that is included with each booking arrives to the getaway in time.

For all of our Romantic Planning bookings we prefer at least 2 months notice in order for us to plan, book and execute each booking.  This is so we can make sure all of our preferred vendors are booked in and available to us on the required date.


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