Body Language - Cracking the Code

Did you know that only 7% of what we communicate is verbal?  The other 93% is where the magic really lies in cracking the code to understanding body language and micro-gestures.  I teach people how to recognise and de-code body language.  It’s my way to give back to the world - because people deserve amazing relationships.  Finding, and maintaining love isn’t easy.  Even with the best of intentions, we miss clues that people send out to us, and squander opportunities to connect with people.

The fact is, once you know how to de-code body language, you can’t take it back, it’s a skill you have for life.  Imagine being able to recognise and de-code what people are really thinking.  Body language comes from the sub-conscious mind, and lets you know what people are feeling when they are in your presence.  Here’s how it works: You notice someone’s body language, recognise it, and de-code it, then you’ll know if that person wants to be in your romantic space or not.

The quick and easy answer to most romance questions in body language is in the length of a gaze.  Looking at someone for at least 4.5 seconds is usual, but up to 8.2 seconds signals love.  We miss the perfect opportunity to show our love for someone simply by looking away too soon.  If you’re in a relationship, when did you last really look at your love interest?  When de-coding body language, look down - the other person’s feet always tell you where they want to be.  If their feet are in a V they are welcoming you in, if one foot is pointed towards you - even better.  A tilt of the head is always a good sign.  A touch of the chin, thoughtfulness, a touch of the nose, intrigue, a pull on the ear lobe, listening/interested.  Look at the space between you both, whether you are leaning in or away from each other, whether your arms and legs are facing each other or not, or whether your shoulders dip towards each other.  These are all tell-tale signs that someone wants to be in your romantic space.

Once you’ve learned the art and skill to de-coding body language it can help you with a romance that may not be going well for you.  You’ll need to have the confidence to ask what I call “the next obvious question”.  If you don’t shy away from this part, the results can be life changing.  In a neutral situation, such as out at lunch or dinner, typical ‘next obvious questions’ you might ask are: How is this working for you?  What do you think will happen if we do nothing about this?  What would you like to happen?

I have worked with clients who have quite literally saved their marriage using a combination of body language de-coding and ‘next obvious question’ techniques.  Body language can help you if you want to know how to make a relationship great again, or even if you just want to know if someone likes you.  Cracking the code to body language is a super power where no undies on the outside are necessary - all you need is a watchful eye and a desire to connect with people on a whole new level.

Steph Holloway


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