How did we meet? Pt1

How did we meet, who are the team behind Romantic Gestures™ and where did it all begin?  I have decided to go back to the beginning of our relationship to give you an idea of who we are and how it all started.  

Over the next four weeks I will be bringing you the story of how we met giving you an insight into our relationship so that you can see how it is possible to overcome any curve ball that is thrown your way.  Let the story begin:

Single mother of 2 gorgeous children studying for a Bachelor of Education (Teaching Primary) degree is content with her life and that of the choices she has made after several unsuccessful attempts at dating having ended her abusive relationship several years prior with the father of her children. 

Sounds like the start of an advertisement for a “woman seeking relationship” column in the local newspaper. It’s not.  At this stage in my life I had learnt the hard way about Internet Dating and had met some very interesting men along the way.  At the risk of becoming cliché, I was now content and had very few expectations of the opposite sex.

Some time before, I had written a ‘list’ containing details of my ideal man including career, income, colour of car etc and had discussed this list with a man I spent an afternoon with.  I never saw this man again and I was completely happy about that.  There are just some things men should not do on a first date.  I discarded the list and continued on my journey through life.

Until one day, after exchanging messages over the course of a few weeks with a man I had connected with on an online dating site, an invitation to dinner would change the course of our journeys forever.  Suggesting we meet the following Friday at ‘The Lone Star’ Palmerston North was something that I agreed to without any expectations in case it didn’t eventuate.

With the car parked in front of the duck pond, I texted my sister to let her know I had arrived and was rather nervous when a very hot guy in a leather jacket walked past my car.  I scolded myself for even looking at another man as I should have been focusing on the man I was soon about to meet for the first time. 

This was the first time I had ever been on a blind date and at the age of 30 I was just as nervous as a teenager would be going on their first blind date.

What I didn’t know at this point was that once I walked into that restaurant, there was no going back.  This decision would change our lives forever.  Opening the restaurant door with a stomach full of butterflies, there stood this hot guy that had just walked past my car only moments earlier wearing that same leather jacket.  Thank you God.  Now, I just had to get through dinner without looking like an idiot.

Coming up next week:  What happened next?

We would love to hear in the comments box below the story of how you met your sweetheart.


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