Does your relationship have amazing passion and chemistry?

This question was posed to us recently, "How does a couple keep the amazing passion and chemistry long into a relationship?

I believe it's a combination of 4 things.  Health, Commitment, Time and Opportunity.  Are you as healthy now as when you first met?  Is your overall health and fitness different now to that of where it was, at the beginning of your relationship?

If you've found that you are exercising less now or your eating habits have changed perhaps it is time to reconsider your relationship goals when it comes to keeping the passion alive.

We all know that as we age our bodies begin to change.  Weight gain, metabolism and physical limitations can all pose a change in the way a couple is intimate with each other. 

Experiencing the passion and chemistry you felt for each other in the beginning can occur throughout your relationship by making the following changes to your routine.

Exercise regularly and if possible, together.  Find an activity you both like to do and do it.  Not only are you having a casual 'Date Night' but you are also getting fit as a result.

Discuss with each other your intimate and passionate needs and work out a plan on how you can experience them together on a regular basis.  Work together as opposed to against each other.

Schedule in regular alone time with no distractions.  Enlist the support of friends and family members to care for the children overnight and spend this time focused on each other.  Turn off the phones, leave a note on the door and create an atmosphere that evokes passion.

If childcare is an issue, there are plenty of other opportunities to be passionate.  Passion is not always about hot and sultry sex, popping champagne and licking the chocolate body paint off each other.  Passion comes in many forms.

When was the last time you surprised your sweetheart?  With having children there is always an opportunity to surprise each other with relaxation vouchers for massages and beauty treatments.  How about leaving a note for them to find, reminding them of just how much they mean to you. 

If you are the one who cooks less, make an effort to cook more to take the load off your sweetheart.  By taking the children out so your sweetheart can have some alone time, will leave them loving you more and feeling more inclined to be Romantic later that night.

The passion and chemistry you felt in the beginning of your relationship never disappears.  You simply ignore it over time by becoming distracted with everyday life.  It's time to stop being distracted and start focusing on each other again. 

Start by sitting down with a cup of coffee and talk to each other and evaluate the level of passion in your relationship.  If you are both happy with the level of passion then that's great, if not, start making small changes to get you to where you want to be.

Feel free to get in touch with our team if you feel you have exhausted all options to increase the passion.  Our team of experts are more than happy to answer your questions, anonymously of course, to help you have the passionate relationship you so desire. 

We would love to hear your tips and suggestions for how you add more passion to your relationship, in the comments box below.


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