Our first date: Pt2

We were seated at a table for two next to the window at the front of the restaurant.  The food was amazing and I still remember to this day what I ordered as I have ordered it each time I dine there.  It was the Chicken Burrito.  He ordered the Lassoo of Hog.  I usually eat my food slowly when nervous but on this occasion I ate quite quickly.  In fact, we both did.

Dinner was over in less than an hour.  Having had such a great time and not wanting the evening to end, I suggested we head to a local cafe, within walking distance, for coffee and dessert, to which he agreed.

Being an independent woman, I headed to the counter to pay for my meal but was prevented from doing so by the gentleman I had just dined with.  Not taking NO for an answer I thanked him for his generosity as he paid for both our meals. 

As we left, he preceded to open the restaurant door for me, which is not something I was accustomed to either, and together we walked to the cafe.

The conversation flowed and again, coffee and dessert were eaten too soon after arriving so I suggested there was still time to head to the cinema and watch the next screening of whatever movie was scheduled to screen that night.

He agreed, and off we went collecting our cars along the way.  We had no idea what was screening that night.  Excitement grew as we headed to the cinema to find out what the movie would be that would be remembered forever.  Would it be something we were both interested in seeing or what it be a complete disaster?

Arriving at the cinema we discovered that the next available screening was ‘Take the Lead’ starring Antionio Banderas, so we bought two tickets or rather he paid for the tickets and I paid for the snacks, and sat down to watch the movie. 

It was very advantageous of us to simply buy tickets to a movie without planning it first or knowing what the movie was about.  There was no telling how the night would end or how the choice of movie would impact on his decision to want to see me again.

Coming up next week:  What happened next?


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