Top five anniversary gifts for men

I have got my share of anniversary gifts in my lifetime, and although it’s a bad thing to say, many of them didn’t leave a good or permanent impression on me. 

Sure, I know that giving gifts is all about the intent, but I think that gifts for anniversary have to mean more than intent. They’re the proof of a sincere bond between two people, where the people actually know each other, so there shouldn’t be much room for mistakes there.

Turns out that people are not mind readers, even after spending a couple of years together.  Although I’m completely opposed to the “all men are the same” attitude, I’ll present you my top five (I think, universally likeable) anniversary gifts, and who knows, maybe make your job much easier.

A Day of Pampering
Yes, let me break that to you: pampering is not a “girls’ thing”.  Men like to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves in an idyllic romantic setting, and we know how to appreciate it when a girl goes through all that effort for us. 

I personally, would enjoy a whole day cinema experience – a combination of watching movies and recreating some iconic scenes (e.g. picnic from Up or clay shaping from Ghost) or eating movie-inspired food (e.g. ratatouille, tomato sauce with meatballs – like the one from The Godfather, etc.). 

As for the other guys, they might like going to concerts, spending a day in a hot tub with a bottle of champagne, an in-home chef experience, chocolate tasting class, and or something similar.

A Getaway
Anyone who thinks that men don’t like romance is dead wrong.  And what can be more romantic than a getaway? Surely not a Christmas sweater, headphones or some of the other not impressing gifts I’ve received. 

I think there’s nothing better than a  romantic getaway for anniversary.  It’s probably something that will make you and your partner happy, which is the whole point of anniversary.  You’ll spend an amazing time together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A Personal Stylist
Most men know little about fashion.  I like it and know some basics, but I’m not an expert.  When my partner bought me a Kent and Lime gift card I was a bit suspicious and maybe slightly offended that she thought I needed a stylist, but boy was I wrong. 

It was actually the best gift ever.  After receiving the card I went to their website where I filled up my style profile, after a couple of days I received the package, and I was thrilled with the stylist’s choice, so it is needless to say that I didn’t return the package.

Grooming Products and Tools
You cannot go wrong with buying men grooming products and tools.  Still, you should be aware of your man’s special needs.  For example, I have a beard, so it’s not the same buying products for bearded men or for men with bare and sensitive skin. 

If you don’t want to take any chances, take a sneak peek into his toilet cabinet where you’ll see which products he’s already using, so you can just fill up his stock.

Gadgets and Stuff
Boys love their toys, and that’s one cliché that I find true.  Now, what toy your man will like depends on him.  I like fun multiplayer video games that can be played on parties and family gatherings (admit it, these get-togethers really need some spicing up), so Nintendo Wii U console would be my choice. 

The world of gadgets and tech is so enormous that you can find a gift for every man.  Gym freak?  Fitness tracker.  Visual artist?  A full-frame camera or smart pen.  Movie buff?  Smartphone projector.  Gamer?  Virtual reality headset.

Anniversary gifts should be very special, so don’t forget to include something personal that only you two know or understand.  We would love to hear below what your top five anniversary gifts would be?

Peter is a lifestyle writer at High Style Life magazine, living between Brisbane and London.  After graduating at Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a freelance writer for local newspapers in Brisbane.  He loves reading, making DIY cosmetics, cooking exotic meals and to travel around exotic destinations.  Follow Peter on Twitter for more inspiring everyday tips.


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