3 ways to spend time together everyday

With only 24 precious hours in each day, couples are finding it difficult to spend quality uninterrupted time together as they juggle the needs of children, jobs outside the home, businesses, family, chores, bills, exercise and hobbies. 

Days go by without having had the time to spend together without interruptions from those around them.  Are you one of these couples?

Read on to learn about the 3 simple and easy ways to spend time together everyday and how by making these part of your daily routine you will have that quality uninterrupted time back to focus on the two of you.  Sounds too good to be true?  Not at all.

Routines are vital to help manage those 24 hours and if you have established a healthy routine you will find yourself in a better frame of mind when faced with adversity. 

Here at Romance Gestures NZ, we always talk about priorities and ask couples to sit and write down their priorities in a list.  What are your top 5?  Read this earlier post to see if yours are in the right order.

If your number one priority is your relationship then you will find it easier to slot in time together every day.  We have found that when couples put their relationships first, everything else is made that much easier.

Here are 3 ways to spend time together everyday:

Make your bed together every morning - if this is not an option as one of you is away for work then make sure you do this when you are back together.  Having this time to talk before the day starts is one way to have uninterrupted focused time where you can talk about anything that is on your mind.

Have a daily debrief at the end of every day - whether you work outside the home or run your own business, you can have a daily debrief of between 5-10 minutes each where you take turns sharing about your day to each other. 

Make sure the children are aware that during this time there are no interruptions.  If you have small children, make sure when you plan for this time they are occupied or have been attended to first.  We have our debrief around 5.15pm every evening and afterwards I usually get up and continue making dinner.

Communicate with each other everyday - what?  But you do, right?  You talk to each other.  That is not enough.  If possible, make sure you can send each other an email, text or phone call every day. 

Do not discuss the pile of chores mounting up at home or the unpaid bills waiting for you on the fridge.  Do not discuss the children during these times either.  Use these brief moments of communication to discuss the two of you.  Flirt, laugh, joke, smile, make sure that when you are connected you are focused on only the two of you.

You're probably sitting there thinking, what?  How on earth can we do all of those everyday?  Easy, and it all comes back to routines and priorities. 

And make sure that you schedule in Date Night at least once a month.  Find a babysitter and make it a priority to spend that time together away from the household.  Keeping that connection alive is important for when the children have grown up and left home.

You don't want to be sitting there, looking at each other and wondering what to say to each other after the children have left.  You want to be working on your relationship now, everyday, so that when they leave home you are both free to do what you have been waiting your whole life to do.

We would love to hear about how you find time to spend together everyday and what it is that you do, by leaving your comments in the box below or emailing Natasha.


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