Break free from your mobile phone addiction

Would you like help to break free from your mobile phone addiction?  Are you spending too much time looking down at your phone each day instead of spending it with those around you? 

Do you find yourself constantly looking for the next text, email, message or update?  Is the amount of time spent on your mobile phone interfering with your relationship?

Read on to find out how you can avoid conflict in your relationship which can lead to resentment and distance between the both of you and finally break free from your mobile phone addiction. 

There is even an app you can download that tells you how many times per day you've checked it and where the usage has occurred.  How ironic.

You would be surprised to learn that the average person looks at their phone between 85-221 times every day.  This depends on the age of the mobile phone user and whether they are using it for personal or business reasons. 

Running a business like ours, we tend to look at our mobile phones several times a day especially when we work away from the office.  For us it is a necessity as we have a 2 hour response time and need to be accessible 24/7 throughout the duration of all client bookings.

For the average person though, looking at their mobile phones up to 221 times a day is excessive and is something that needs to be addressed.  If this is an issue in your relationship you need to make sure your partner is aware of how their mobile phone addiction is affecting you and work together to make sure it is no longer an issue for you.

Sadly, verbal communication skills are slowly being phased out as we focus more on using our fingers to communicate.  These days communication is via texts, emails, phone/voice calls and messenger with no need for verbal cues, gestures and body language to get your message across appropriately.  Messages are lost in translation and mistakes are made as people misconceive the intended message.

Here are 13 tips to avoid using your mobile phone to aid in your mobile phone addiction.  The article is designed to help those with an iphone addiction however the same rules apply to those with an android as well.  One way to keep things simple is to remind yourself that prior to smartphones, mobile phones had two purposes:  1.  To make phone calls and 2.  To send SMS.

Admitting you have a mobile phone addiction is the first step to recovery.  Working together to prevent it coming between the two of you is something that you both have to be committed to. 

Using the 13 tips mentioned above can help reduce the amount of time spent of your phone but you have to want to make those changes otherwise the resentment that is starting to build now will only get worse.

Here are some suggestions on what you can do without your phones:

  • Play a game together or pull out our conversation starter cards
  • Go for a walk together and explore somewhere new
  • Get out of the house and into the garden or start a new project together
  • Begin a new hobby that requires two people to do it

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is a 2 player activity or game otherwise you have defeated the purpose of spending quality time together.  Get out there and start making memories today.  Russell and I are very competitive and love a good board game.

We would love to hear your tips and suggestions for what couples can do together without the distraction of their mobile phone by leaving them in the comments box below.


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