Stress proofing your relationship these holidays

Every Tuesday, throughout the year, we have been posting relationship tips on our social media platforms and last week we began our ‘7 tips to stress proofing your relationship for the holidays’, in the lead up to Christmas, thanks to Dating with Dignity – Marni Battista.

The holiday season is not quite over till the New Year’s Eve ball drops.  Some of you may be thinking about your vacation, visiting with family, or focusing on the stress that this holiday will bring.

The holidays can put more stress and strain on a relationship than usual. Whether it’s extra commitments, less financial resources, increased family gatherings, or more activities than usual, any one of these reasons can cause tension in a relationship.

Not to mention, over indulging in sugary foods, alcohol and eating more than usual intensifies anxiety, and can run the risk of turning your holiday cheer into the holiday blues.

Here are some tips on how to stress-proof your relationship for the holidays…

Tip #25 is about being honest with money and now is a good time to start discussing the budget for gifts. Keep it simple and allocate what you can afford to each person.

Tip #26 focuses on how making memories these holidays will mean more to your family than what you give them on the day. We always remember where we spent the holidays but can never remember what we gave each other.

Tip #27 focuses on how getting active and flirty these holidays will increase your endorphins which will lead to more intimacy. Make sure you have plenty of intimacy these holidays.

Tip # 28 focuses on how important it is to monitor our alcohol consumption these holidays as it lowers your endorphins and can lead to you feeling grumpy and depressed. Think about how many social end of year functions you have to go to and make sure you set yourself a limit at each one. Your body and your partner will thank you for it.

Tip #29 focuses on how important it is to avoid stressful relationship topics during the holidays. If your relationship is unstable now, bringing up these topics may cause your relationship to end during this time.

Tip #30 focuses on being positive through the holidays and not being negative. No one likes being around a negative person. Think positive thoughts and be the person people love to be around.

Tip #31 focuses on how being grateful for what we have brings us closer to one another. When you look around you and see what you are grateful for, you will find that you have more than you need. There is always someone worse off than you so when you start to feel like you are missing out or wish you had more, take a moment to think of those who have nothing at all.

Christmas is only once a year and can leave you with wonderful memories for years to come especially when you create your own traditions for you and your family.  As you feel yourself getting stressed, stop and take a moment to do something you enjoy doing and remember that tomorrow is another day.

This Christmas, Russell and I have decided to keep it simple.  We have set a budget for gift purchases and will be keeping the gift giving to a minimum.  We have booked to go away again over Christmas, for a week, as we have done for the past 6 years. 

6 years ago we decided to start a new tradition and make sure we are in a new location every Christmas.  This year we will be spending Christmas in Hanmer Springs so if you are in the area then, get in touch and we can catch up for a coffee and a piece of Christmas cake.

We would love to hear about your plans for Christmas and what traditions you have started in the comment box below.  We are only a phone call or email away if you would like more advice on how to survive the holidays and ensure your relationship remains in tact throughout this festive season.


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