3 things we do every morning for a healthy relationship

How you start your day sets the tone for the remainder of it.  There are 3 things we do every morning that ensures our love for each other grows deeper every day.  Not only does it show our respect for each other but it also provides each of us with memories that are magical and memorable.

When couples are in healthy relationships, they are more likely to have a stronger bond, worry less and be happier than those who are in unhealthy relationships.

Do you take the time, before the world wakes, to devote to your health and well being?  Do you spend 5 minutes in the morning thinking about all the things you are grateful for?  Or do you jump out of bed because your alarm failed to go off and end up spending the rest of the day chasing your tail and feeling exhausted?

Here are 3 things we do every morning to show our deep love for each other:

  1. We Cuddle each other as soon as we wake as these precious moments together are vital for connecting with each other before we begin our day.
  2. We Make the bed together before we leave the house in the morning.  If one of you works away from home or is a shift worker find another way to connect together such as having breakfast together or making the bed together when you are both at home.
  3. Kiss each other goodbye as we leave the house.  Whether you are away from home or passing each other in the hallway, make a habit of kissing each other and even adding an "I Love You" as you go will ensure that the moments you spend together are memorable and magical.  As an added bonus, Russell will tell me how beautiful I am several times a week.

This time in the morning before the children wake or the alarm goes off to remind you to get to the gym, is important for your own health and well being. 

My favourite time of the day is between 5-6am where I am often found sitting on the deck (in warmer weather) watching the sun rise with a cup of tea or coffee.  Listening to the world as it wakes and smelling the air around me is a special time of the day for me.

It reminds me how blessed I am to awake another day and to be grateful for everything around me.  It reminds me of what I have and of what I have ahead of me.  This quiet time is for me to reflect, to exercise, to spend time focusing on me before I start the day.

Life can get so busy and demanding it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves first.  If we are not in the best shape physically and mentally then how can we be prepared to take care of everything else. 

Healthy relationships are an important part of life.  The health benefits alone can lead to other areas in your life especially professional ones.

We have always advocated that healthy relationships should be your number one priority and when it is healthy everything else falls into place.  When you are happy and feel secure in your relationship you find that everything else flows more smoothly.

We would love to hear how you start your day by leaving a comment in the comments box below.


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