Avoidable mistakes made on first dates

You walk into the restaurant and glance around nervously, scouring faces until finally you spot your date.  You excitedly join them for a meal or coffee and then talk hopefully about seeing each other again. 

You watch your phone for the next couple of days, but to no avail.  You’re disappointed and can’t help but wonder … what went wrong?

When a first date goes awry, it’s easy to get caught up in disappointment and question what could have made it successful.  Sometimes it’s just not in the stars for you and your date, but other times you may be unintentionally sabotaging any future chances.

Ashley from eH+ Matchmaker shares the top 10 mistakes made that keeps her clients from getting a second date.  These mistakes are all avoidable.

We would love to hear about mistakes made by either yourself or the person you were on a first date with in the comment box below.  We are only a phone call or email away if you would like more advice on how to avoid making the same mistakes again to ensure a second date occurs.


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