Are you gaining anything from take aways?

Yesterday I turned 41 and to celebrate I took a friend up to Hanmer Springs to see The Topp Twins perform at the thermal pools the day before.  How often do we spend time doing something for ourselves that makes us happy?  Not very often.

I love a good laugh especially one with performers who are down to earth, warm hearted with beautiful voices.  I envy their talent as singing was always something I wanted to do but was told at an early age that I couldn't sing so that was when I stopped and haven't sung since.

We managed to escape from the demands of our lives for one day and focused on feeding our souls.  Although the twins only performed for less than 2 hours, it was what I reaslied during their performance that gave me the most pleasure.

Are you gaining anything from takeaways?  Takeaways is often referred to as fast food.  Friday night is a popular takeaway night in most households as we come to the end of a busy week all we want to do is hop into the nearest takeaway outlet, open a bottle of red wine and slide onto the couch in front of the fire.

Take aways can now also be referred to what we take away from events in our lives.  There are lessons everywhere in life.  From the obvious ones right down to the less obvious ones.  We never stop learning.  Think about one thing that you have learnt lately?  Where were you when you learnt it?

Sitting on the grass listening to the twins sing, I was thinking about take aways.  What would I take away from this performance?  My take away moment was that when we spend time doing what makes us happy, we are happier in other areas of our lives as well.

Listening to this song made me realise that we women are untouchable and unstoppable and when we put our minds to something we can achieve great things.  Remember to add some 'you' time to your regular schedule and spend time doing something you love.  It is vital for your relationship.

This applies to men as well,  you too need to spend time doing things you enjoy doing so that you can devote yourself to your relationship instead of resenting it.  Once resentment sets in it is really hard to get rid of it.  I believe the majority of relationships that end in divorce have done so after one partner starts to resent the other.

If you can find an activity that you both love doing together then that is a bonus as you will not only enjoy doing it but you will connect with each other on a deeper level as well. 

Russell and I are very competitive and as you know, we love playing board games.  We always start with a prize for each person, should they win, and I give the game my all to make sure I receive my prize.  Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose.

Instead of moving through life going about your daily routine, spend a moment thinking about what you can take away from each event.  What did you learn from it and how can you implement it into your relationship?  The signs are always there to teach us lessons, we just need to slow down to see them.  Start gaining more from take aways.

Share with us in the comment box below one thing you have learnt recently and how your relationship benefited from it?


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