Do you wear your diamond engagement ring to bed?

If you wear your diamond ring to bed then you might be surprised to learn that by doing so you could end up losing the diamond while wearing it. 

When set correctly into a ring a diamond will stay in position for thousands of years.  The only way a diamond can come loose is if it is pushed or pulled out of the setting.  This is therefore the responsibility of the wearer to ensure they are not being rough with their jewellery.

Jewellers need to strike a balance of making a claw setting dainty and small so the diamond can really pop and look fabulous but also be durable and strong to hold the diamond secure for many years.  This comes down to quality in that most mass produced rings are lower quality whereas custom made rings are usually stronger and made locally to New Zealand standards.

Even if a claw setting is made strong it still comes down to the wearer of the ring to be careful.  One way to think about it is like a brand new car, you can’t take it back to the car dealer when it gets a scratch and ask for a new paint job as there has been some external force applied to the car to make the scratch – this is out of the car dealers control.

When a diamond comes loose it is the result of an external push or pull and is out of the jewellers control.  A new ring will sit on a bench for over 1000 years and the diamond will never come loose only external force can make it come out or loose.

A jeweller should set diamonds with a durable enough setting to withstand reasonable force and wear & tear and what is reasonable is really down to the jeweller, so ensure you select a good quality manufacturing jeweller.  A lost diamond is an insurance claim and that is why all jewellery should be valued and listed on your insurance policy.

Things to be careful of that damage rings, metal gym equipment, metal door handles, clapping against other rings, bike riding and brakes, pulling duvet or blankets at night time can hook claws, gardening, oil changes and any rough manual work using your hands.

Jewellery has to be malleable so we can push the gold or platinum over diamonds to hold them secure so it is inherently soft and needs to be looked after.  Taking your rings to a jeweller for a check and high polish will harden the metal and make them resistant to scratches and less likely to get damaged. 

Here at Polished Diamonds we design and manufacture diamond rings and also repair and polish jewellery.  Our CAD design service allows clients to preview designs and make changes.  All our jewellery has a lifetime guarantee and we welcome any questions and look forward to helping you maintain your jewellery for a lifetime and beyond.

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