Romantic things to do in Christchurch

Spending quality time together with your partner should be more than just a dinner for two at your favourite restaurant.  It should include creative opportunities to expand and enhance your senses. 

Trying new things is important to our wellbeing.  People who seek out novel experiences live healthier, happier lives.  When we experience something new, we stretch our senses and develop new neural pathways.  Some of the benefits include:  improved memory, mood and motivation."  ~ H Wiley

Anything that improves your mood and motivates you is a good thing and should be done often.

It can be somewhat convenient to continue to do things that you have done before as it takes time to plan and organize new Romantic things to do in Christchurch.  Taking the time to be creative and ensure you spend time together trying new things is both beneficial for your relationship and for your mental health.

When planning quality time together, I always ensure that we do Romantic things in Christchurch that are novel.  This adds fun and excitement to the experience as neither of us knows what to expect.  We love exploring and finding new Romantic things to do in Christchurch. 

When we began dating (16 years ago), we took turns to plan our regular Date Nights.  When it was my turn I would always plan fun and exciting adventures that were novel for us.  These Dates were the envy of many and we even had other couples join us for some of them.

That is how our first business began.  Planning Date Nights for couples is something I love to do and gives me great enjoyment from.  Knowing that they are doing things they never thought of doing and are having fun while doing it is what motivates me to encourage others to think outside their comfort zone and be open to new adventures.

As humans we tend to become very predictable with our routine and we find ourselves doing the same thing every week.  We drive the same route to work, we eat the same meals on rotation, we get up at the same time every morning and we go to bed at the same time every night.

Even diets are designed so that people don’t plateau otherwise they would find it difficult to lose weight and become unmotivated to keep going to reach their goal.

When was the last time you found Romantic things to do in Christchurch that didn’t involve dining at the same restaurant you go to time and again?

There are plenty of Romantic things to do in Christchurch and to make it even more fun and creative we can turn them into a Treasure Hunt so neither of you know what you are about to do.

Here are a few suggestions of Romantic things to do in Christchurch:

  • Fine French Patisserie
  • Edwardian Punting
  • Live music
  • Tram tour/Cable Car
  • Walk through Botanical Gardens
  • Picnic in the Rotunda
  • Fondue for two
  • Beats by Bingo
  • Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Cooking classes
  • Chocolate tastings
  • Wine/Gin/Whiskey/Beer tasting
  • Singing Telegram
  • Private ski lessons/Mountain top Spa
  • Nautical Adventures
  • Village Cruisers/Alpaca Tours

My challenge to you is to plan you next Date Night with at least two new activities that you both have not done before.  It could be one new activity you can both do together and a new restaurant to go to afterwards.  And to make it even more exciting, choose something from the menu that you haven’t had before either.  Sometimes I order for Russell and he is usually pleasantly surprised.

Keep things exciting, new and fresh.  Don’t stay in the same routine.  After all, excitement is the spice of life.  Enjoy.


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