Make it count!

Recently I came across a post on LinkedIn where a woman was sharing her story about her brother’s terminal illness.  With only months to live, how he and his wife spend every minute of them together is the only thing that matters.

Creating magical memories that his wife can fondly look back on long after her husband has gone will be more important than anything else they have done together.

My comment to his sister was to make sure that they record stories with her brother so they will have them to watch and reminisce about later.  These recordings help remind us of our loved ones no longer around and is a great way to hear their voices long after they fade.

They are priceless and so important in keeping their memory alive.  Life is so precious and often taken for granted.

Are you living in the present?

Most of us spend more waking hours at work than we do at home.  So how are you spending your time at home?  Do you live in the moment or are you so distracted by your workload that your focus is elsewhere?  No job is ever worth sacrificing your mental health for. 

Having a creative mind, I am always planning cost effective Date Nights and our recent Date Night saw us spend $0.  We gave line dancing a go, which was a first for both of us.  Russell was the only male there so kudos to him for agreeing to come.

Look for local dance groups in your area and check to see if the first session is free.  Head along and give it a go, you might find that you really enjoy it, as a couple, and end up joining for a term.

Afterwards we went for dessert and then called into BP to top up the tank before heading home.  Receiving $130 worth of petrol for free is really exciting and no we didn’t do a drive off.

Set relationship goals.

A few months ago we went away for the weekend with the focus on setting our relationship goals for the remainder of the year.  One of the goals we wrote was to enjoy new Date Night activities each month, that we haven’t done before.

I am on a mission to find free or cheap local Date Night activities and when I do, I will share them with you all.

If you know of any free or cheap Date Night activities in your area, please email me so I can share it with everyone.

Spending quality time together is all about creating magical memories that live on long after we’ve gone.  How are you spending yours?


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