Perfect Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposals are a sign of commitment, Love, trust, respect and companionship.  One person has decided they want to spend the rest of their life with their partner and have decided to propose to them thereby confirming their love for each other with a ceremony in front of friends and family. 

Unless of course you have chosen to escape from the drama and elope.  "Where marriage was once a process of legitimizing offspring, establishing rights of either party, control over ones property or a means to an end in order to pursue sexual activities", it has evolved into a process of recognition and respect of the union of the couple.  Marriage proposals are becoming more popular through social media with couples planning lavish and public displays of affection.  I personally love to watch flash mob proposals as that tells me the person proposing has taken the time to plan and prepare their proposal and by including others in their plan they are honouring and respecting their partner.  Here is one of the best flash mob proposals I have seen recently.  Often when one person is thinking of proposing to their partner, they are daunted by the prospect of how to come up with the perfect marriage proposal or even how to propose.  Where do you start?  Let me start by sharing 'My Perfect Marriage Proposal' with you:

My Perfect Marriage Proposal
My perfect marriage proposal took place on 21 December 2009.  Russell and I had discussed the idea of marriage a few years earlier and after meeting at The Lone Star, Palmerston North on 21 July 2006, he mentioned that the next time I would be dining there would be the night he proposes to me. Needless to say I did not dine there for 3 years, which was rather difficult when family members wanted to have their celebrations there and had to change their plans as I could not go.  In order for me to have no idea that he was about to propose to me he placed a blindfold on me and took me on a mystery tour around town.  With the blindfold on I was listening for sounds outside the car and drawing a map in my mind of the route he was taking me.  Our first stop was one where we had been on one of our previous ‘Date Nights’.  The second stop was one where he had sung Karaoke to me on another of our ‘Date Nights’ and the third stop was to be our final destination.  Leading me by the arm, I sat down and was unaware that we were in The Lone Star, Palmerston North.  Taking off the blindfold, there sat a room full of diners with Russell kneeling in front of me with a ring box in his hand.  My first reaction was of embarrassment however when I began listening to what he had to say I soon realised what was happening.  Of course I said “Yes” and there appeared a waitress with two glasses of champagne.  He had even spoken to my parents prior to the proposal to ask for my hand in marriage.   A truly Romantic proposal.

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