In December we had a momentous occasion – we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!  It seemed it might never happen.  You get married and the babies start appearing and suddenly you’re head down in the daily routines and don’t look up for much at all.  We had recently bought a Bach, so the dreams I had carried over the years of a romantic getaway overseas really had to be down-scaled. 

And I was at peace with that.  Yet we still wanted to mark this occasion!  My parents (who are really amazing) decided they would take our three boys for the weekend so that we could nip off to our Bach, on our OWN, for our kiwi version of the overseas romantic getaway.  And it was BLISS!

Every moment spent doing NOTHING together, was valued.  To wake up on our own without a quiet voice saying “Um… I can see the daylight… is it time to get up yet?” was completely appreciated! All the things you do for each other in marriage are often done out of routine, yet they had their beginnings in the fluffy-I’m-so-in-love-with-you feelings:  bringing each other the morning coffee, making the best-ever-poached-eggs, playing our favourite music, reading on the couch together (me using his legs as my leg-rest)… 

Taking the time to do these things and to enjoy them is life-giving, even to a marriage that is going along nicely.  Walks on the beach (with no-one crying that their brother stole their stick), watching the sun actually set (instead of rushing to feed the hordes before they self-destruct), and swimming together!  Oh the bliss!

This weekend of being alone with my bestie will be one I treasure in my memories for a long time…  It made me realise again the importance of carving out time alone with him even in the business of life.  I was rather stressed recently, and he was busy busy with work. 

Instead of bemoaning the fact that we weren’t getting to hang out, I organised a babysitter, booked a spot in a restaurant that night, rang him and said “wanna take me out tonight?” We got to enjoy 3 hours of time chatting and eating and it served as a re-charge for me.  We shall do that again. 

Romantic Getaways don’t have to involve exotic destination, candles and jewellery.  All that is required is two people who enjoy each other to step out of the hustle of life for a moment – together."

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