Yes to Love

I launched my new body language workshop on attraction at the beginning of April in the Bay of Plenty.  It’s called ‘Yes to Love” - with the operative word being ‘LOVE’. I say that, because it is my recent experience from dealing with clients that there is a somewhat ‘jaded’ viewpoint when it comes to the modern day attraction and dating scene.  I teach my clients in this new offering how to recognise the signs of attraction and use it to their advantage, but with a viewpoint that has an eye on romance.  The courtship ritual, and all of the niceties that go along with it, in fact, never go out of fashion.

Body language is an essential ingredient of attraction.  When we talk about love, dating and romance; body language plays a starring role.  So many people wonder:

“What happened in this relationship?”
“Do they like me?”
“Why didn’t they call?”  Why did I get ghosted?

Body language gives you the tools to know where you stand.  Whether its good news or bad news……it’s better to know.  The question is, how do we use body language to be attractive and how does body language play a role in attraction?   What we are sending out with our body language to potential mates, and what is seen as attractive all begins with: I’m open.  I’m harmless.  I’m interested.  If these three aspects are present, then each person feels less vulnerable, more apt to try and approach, and more confident.

Body language recognition and de-coding can work to your benefit.  The clues are all there…….really – you just don’t know what you are looking at.  What’s the number one question a body language specialist gets asked?  The number one question I get asked, without doubt, is, “Could knowing about body language help me attract love?”  A close second would be, “Could body language help me reconnect with my partner?”  The answer to both questions is a resounding “yes”.  I am convinced that being able to recognise and decode body language could help you speak the language of love.

For couples in existing relationships who would like a deeper understanding of what they are seeing – and more importantly - what they are missing, body language can also help.  So often couples stop looking at each other, buying each other little gifts, going on romantic weekends away, and before you know it, it’s all a bit less wonderful than it once was.

The psychology/science of attraction:
Make sure people can see your extremities (hands, feet) if you hide parts of your body, their subconscious will wonder why.
• We need to be stimulated – don’t be boring.  People tend to hide their quirks for fear of being perceived as ‘weird’ whereas it may be those quirks that are your most attractive feature.
• You are judged from the minute you walk in the room, so make it count!
• The hottest trait?  Availability.  If you are interested don’t hold back.  It may not be as obvious as you think to the person viewing you.

Steph Holloway

For details on the 'Yes to Love' workshops click on the website above.  Feel free to leave a comment below about the one thing that you find difficult to do when meeting people for the first time.


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