The rest is history: Pt4

As they say, "The Rest Is History" and that was almost 11 years ago (2017) and I can still remember those first 2 days very clearly although we still disagree on who made the first move.  

We have ‘dated’ from the beginning and I have enjoyed being treated like a Queen, in turn I treat him like my King.

Three years in, he proposed to me at the same restaurant we met in and 2 years after that we were married.  We are about to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary this year although we regularly celebrate each other as we are thankful every day for having one another in our lives.

Life is a series of choices.  Either of us could have chosen not to show up that first night.  Either of us could have decided along the way that the other was not a match and no longer suitable for a relationship.  But we didn’t.  

We both made the choice to accept each other, baggage and all, and believe me I was carrying several large suitcases around with me at the time.  We each had to learn to accommodate each others idiosyncrasies and nuisances.

Choosing to introduce him to my children was something he earnt and from there we all began a journey together.  No matter where we were in the world, we would never be alone again.

{10 years, 7 months, 8 days, 93,024 hours and 5,581,440 minutes}, 3 postings, 4 career changes, 1 child lost [miscarried], 1 left home and 4 businesses since we met so we have had our fair share of stress and undue angst during this time.  We work through it together and I always talk my worries over with him before making any drastic decisions.

We schedule in regular ‘alone’ time with each other.  If we didn’t we would simply carry on working. We appreciate each other every day and compliment, thank and apologise all the time.  Even I admit I am wrong from time to time.  

We never carry our arguments with us into the next day even if it means staying up late to talk it through.

Ladies, I can highly recommend Evening Primrose capsules and Magnesium tablets to calm tense nerves and help regulate hormones.  Men, take multi-vitamin, fish oil and vitamin C tablets daily to stay healthy so you can support your family on every level.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our beginnings just as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. I would love to hear about how you met your sweetheart, email me or leave a message through here and I will be sure to read it.  Have a great week and remember

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”  Dr Seuss


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