Morally responsible business

​Definition of a Morally Responsible Business

You're probably sitting there thinking, "What is a morally responsible business?"  Quite simply, we believe that a morally responsible business is a business that does the right thing all of the time. 

They are accountable for their actions, responsible for their behaviour, can be relied upon to provide the very best service to their clients and customers and will support and promote others without expectation.

Having been in the Wedding and Tourism industries for almost 4 years now we have seen some businesses operate rather inappropriately and have watched some clients/customers end up with very negative experiences.  Something that could have been avoided had they taken the time to seek independent unbiased advice.

We do not align ourselves with any one particular business.  We are transparent and able to provide the services we provide on a commission basis only.  In fact, for most of our services, it costs the client no more to book with us than it would had they made the booking directly.

We project manage all bookings and are available 24/7 throughout the duration of each getaway booking to provide assistance and support to our clients.  We take great pride in ensuring that they are 100% happy with the service they receive and if not, then we strive to rectify it.

Wedding Industry

Unfortunately there is no mandatory code of ethics in the Wedding industry here in New Zealand and businesses do not have to align themselves with any code of conduct.  The photography profession have their own qualifying body for professional photographers however it is not mandatory for them to join.

You cannot guarantee businesses are a morally responsible business and can only take them at face value.  Unless you have a contract, which sometimes holds no value for some businesses, you are beholden to them until you receive the level of service expected.

I have heard of stories where clients have not received photos or videos of their Wedding for several months after.  Some have received nothing at all leaving them with no visual memories of their day. 

When we book photographers or videographers for our clients we hold them accountable and follow up with them regularly to make sure they provide our clients with the level of service we expect of them.

Part of being a morally responsible business is that we love promoting other businesses that we come across from time to time.  We spend time and effort making sure that other people know about the fabulous businesses we see and for the majority of them we receive no compensation or commission for doing so.

In the past we have included brochures and cards of other businesses in our orders showcasing them so that they too can grow and expand their business.  We believe that all small businesses should be supporting each other as we make up 97% of all enterprises in NZ and make a significant contribution the economy and society.


When we started operating our businesses almost 4 years ago we were pioneers of our time.  There were no other businesses offering the same service we offered and we were forward thinking with our strategies and procedures.  Some said we were well ahead of our time.

We are often misunderstood about what it is that we offer and our website has been through many changes over the past 4 years to ensure there is no confusion. 

We represent Romantic Getaways across New Zealand and receive a commission for each booking made with them.  In fact, our rates are cheaper then what you would pay on airbnb.  And what's even better is that we will never charge a booking fee.

This commission structure is exactly the same that is paid to any other booking agent across the world.  For 98% of our getaways it costs our clients no more to book through us than it would if they were to book directly. 

Our point of difference is that we make it so much easier for them to book with us by adding meals, a Romantic Delights gift box and optional extras such as flowers, massages, wine, activities and more.

When getaways are added to our website they are given a name chosen by us to align with our philosophy of adding more mystery to each booking.  With a need to know everything mantra and an information instantly accessible society, having some mystery in relationships gives an opportunity to add more Romance and an element of surprise.

We do not charge our getaways a fee to have a listing on our website.  All advertising and promotion is done at our own expense.  We make sure our clients have local information when staying at each getaway so that they can enjoy the activities the area has to offer. 

We work with certain cafe/restaurants that have been recommended to us to provide meals for our clients should the getaway provider not provide any themselves.

Our missionis to:

"To support couples to achieve real results by enhancing the Romance in their relationship”

Read the four goals we have chosen on how we are going to achieve this.  Do your research when searching for a businesses within these industries.  If in doubt, check it out.

We are proud to have been awarded "Best Marriage Proposal Planners 2020" by Lux Life Magazine.  An accolade that we are very honoured to have received.


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