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How it all began!

August 21, 2022
What were you doing at 16? While at Manawatu Polytechnic, in Palmerston North, way back in 1993, studying towards my Office Systems Receptionist course, I decided to singlehandedly plan and organize a tourism trip to Rotorua for my fellow classmates and me. I was only 16 yea...
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​Definition of a Morally Responsible Business

You're probably sitting there thinking, "What is a morally responsible business?"  Quite simply, we believe that a morally responsible business is a business that does the right thing all of the time.  They are accountable for their actions, responsible for their b...
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Here is the first video in our Q & A series where we answer your questions that you submitted as part of our current giveaway survey. Today we answer the question, “Why did you start Romantic Gestures?”...
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NZ Woman's Weekly Article

March 27, 2021
In case you missed reading about us in the media in a recent edition of the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, here is the article. Special thanks go to Aroha Awarau from NZWW for allowing us to tell our story, to Bernadette Peters for photographing us and to Chris...
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