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These card games have been chosen to help couples connect and communicate with each other and are a fun activity to do on your next Date Night or Romantic Getaway.  They can also be played in groups and are ideal for special occasions including Bachelor and Bachelorette parties too.

The Ultimate Game For Couples

  • TWO GAME CHOICES - Connect one-on-one with your partner or play together with other couples in two different gameplays.
  • QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR PARTNER - Get to know each other better as you dive into meaningful conversations and perform funny challenges - perfect for date night.
  • COMPETE AGAINST OTHER COUPLES - Team up with your partner and play with other couples to see who really knows each other best.
  • BUILD DEEPER CONNECTIONS - The simple gameplay and easy rules allows you to quickly engage with each other.
  • REPLAY VALUE - 200 playing cards guarantees hours of replayability. Perfect gift for him and her - makes a great wedding, newlywed or anniversary gift.

Dirty Minds Card Game

  • Dirty Minds Card Game: This card game edition of the most popular party game of all time contains all new material and more clues per question to keep you and your friends laughing for hours! 
  • Dirty Minds is considered the world's cleanest 'dirty' game because highly suggestive clues lead to only the squeakiest clean answers.  
  • Age: Open minded adults 
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players 
  • Contains: 280 naughty clues, 56 clean answers, 56 game cards

Smart Ass Card Game

  • Who's the Smart Ass among your friends and family? Find out with this outrageous, fast-paced party game!  This is the game for players who have been bursting to scream out the answer even when it's not their turn. 
  • Each question has eight clues - the first player to yell out the correct answer wins the round and takes a step closer to being the ultimate "Smart Ass". This is the ultimate trivia game for those who think they know it all!
  • The game where it's OK to yell out the answer even when it's not your turn. Be the first to answer the Who, What, and Where Am I questions, and move closer to being the ultimate Smart Ass 
  • Contains 105 questions and instructions 
  • For 2 or more players 
  • Suitable for ages 12+

These cards are all available in our medium and large gift boxes as well.

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