Get to know your partner quiz.

In a relationship we often think we know a great deal about our partner and that there is nothing that we don’t know.  Can we ever really know everything there is to know about each other? I think not.  I believe there is so much to learn from one another and sometimes it takes asking the right questions before we can find out new things about each other.  Take the test below to find out ‘How well do I know my Partner’.

Click on the file and print it off.  The left column is for you to answer about your partner and the right column is for you to answer about yourself.  When you have finished answering both sheets, swap papers and add up your answers.  How many did you get right?  How many did you get wrong?  The incorrect answers can be used to plan your next Date Night which will help you remember them for next time. Enjoy.

How did you get on getting to know your partner? What new things have you learnt? Our conversation starter cards are a great way to engage in conversation and to bring up discussions about things that you may not have thought about asking.  Grab your packet today to make getting to know your partner even more enjoyable and fun.


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