What is Love?

At the end of 2015, TVNZ shared the findings of Googles most searched lists for that year.  The lists comprised of:  Trending Searches, (Trending) News Items, (Most Searched) How to....., (Most Searched) What is......  Number 3 in the What is? category was Love, What is Love? 

Here I will answer that question giving you a deeper understanding of a powerful emotion that when used correctly will provide you with a lifetime of happiness.

According to, "Love lights up the pleasure centre of the brain by increasing dopamine levels which in turn creates the feelings of euphoria, giving a pleasurable feeling that evokes happiness". 

We love to feel happy and enjoy the early stages of a relationship where this euphoria happens often.  Historically however, after being in a relationship with someone for a long time, this euphoria tends to fade and we forget how we felt in those first few months after meeting our partner.

We know that in these early stages, Love involves 3 phases; 1. Lust, 2. Attraction and 3. Attachment.  Lust is hormone driven.  Attraction involves increased blood flow to the pleasure centre of the brain and Attachment is where the body develops tolerance to the pleasure stimulants creating an overall sense of well being and security as we begin to lose the euphoria thanks to our endorphin's and hormones vasopressin and oxytocin.

There is a way that we can create a sense of euphoria to last long after the initial stages of a relationship and that is by doing the same things you enjoyed doing as a couple when you first met.  Anticipation bought on excitement when you eagerly awaited the next time you would see each other.  Your thoughts would wander to that of each other as you went about your day.

Fast forward to the current time in your relationship.  Planning and scheduling regular Date Nights can provide the same level of anticipation and excitement as you embark on activities you both enjoy doing thus providing that sense of euphoria.

Below are 31 definitions of Love, one for each day of the month.  Love is.............

  • stirring up passions when cooking together
  • being with one another and saying nothing
  • saying "I Love You" often
  • giving a see you later kiss and a hello again kiss
  • thinking of each other often
  • communicating often
  • helping each other
  • being with someone who adores the skin you're in
  • writing notes to each other and leaving them to find them
  • ignoring each others faults and accepting them
  • doing activities each enjoy
  • not about completing each other but complimenting each other
  • accepting yourself and everyone else
  • disarming and unexplained
  • a gift
  • unconditional
  • sometimes hard work
  • being silly together
  • what makes the ride worthwhile
  • like water, it is doesn't flow it stagnates
  • knowing how each other feels just by one look
  • respecting each other
  • waking up next to your best friend every day
  • food for the soul
  • never going to bed angry
  • a decision, not a feeling
  • not finding the one but becoming the one
  • around us all the time
  • asking for nothing in return
  • counting down the hours until you see each other again
  • feeling a sense of pride for your partner in everything they do

Tell us what your definition of Love is in the comment box below.


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