Romantic NZ honeymoon

Traditionally it is the Grooms responsibility to plan the Honeymoon and for some this can be a rather daunting process.  Where to begin?  The first things to think about are how much time you would like to be away for, how far you are wanting to travel, what places you would love to visit and how much money you are wanting to spend?

I have spoken to quite a few couples at the recent Manawatu Wedding Expo and the consensus is that they are planning to have a couple of days away in New Zealand straight after the wedding and take a longer getaway later on.  This seems to be quite common in today’s society. 

Gone are the days where the couple depart from the wedding reception to head straight to their Honeymoon destination and arrive back a week (or more) later refreshed and ready to being their married life.

How to have the most Romantic Honeymoon NZ you both want and deserve
Saving for your wedding can be stressful and laborious and knowing there is a Honeymoon to save for as well can add extra stress to an already stressful process. 

We decided to ask our guests for donations in lieu of gifts at our wedding five years ago as we had everything we needed as a couple and knew that saving for our wedding would be hard enough without having to save for a Honeymoon as well.  We were rather excited and honoured by our friends and family when we received more than enough for our Honeymoon.

The team here at Romantic Gestures™ NZ takes all the stress away from what should be a wonderful time for you both unlike that of the couple here who managed to force an emergency landing on an aircraft whilst on route to their Honeymoon. 

Call us on 027 4468 664 to hear how you can have the Romantic NZ Honeymoon you deserve and how other couples have secured their Romantic Gestures™ Honeymoon.

Tell us below where you went on your Honeymoon or if you are not yet married, where you would like to go in NZ.


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