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Edit from Active SexLife Solutions offers professional therapy for people experiencing sexual or intimacy concerns in their relationship.  We would like to welcome Edit to our team as she answers your intimacy related questions and concerns. 

You may contact her directly or you may send us your question and we will pass it on to her.  All questions are answered anonymously and your details will never be passed on unless you want her to get in touch with you directly.  Here is Edit’s introduction:

We all want to be loved, touched, serenaded and adored. Our relationships may reflect this; our partners may fulfil our desires. But sometimes they forget how special we are or go way off the track we enjoy sharing with them.

Can you talk to your other half about what you want? What you need from them? This can be even more difficult if the shortcoming is in the area of intimacy.

Just imagine that you and your partner need to cook a meal together and you have no words for the ingredients for the meal, no terms for pots and pans, spices etc. Just imagine how difficult that would be.

A lot of my clients struggle to express themselves, find it difficult to say what feels good for them and what they want more or less of in their relationship, especially in their sexual relationship.

Some ask me what is normal? What do men / women like or want? I see no relevance what the average woman or man desires in any situation, as what we need to find out is the specifics of what that special person you are with (or want to be with) want. And you should tell them what you want, as they are not mind readers (usually). This is where I can help.

As a sex therapist I work with people’s intimacy and sexuality concerns and help them to develop skills to address sexual and relationship issues and ways to maintain healthy sexuality. Some of these are issues around communication, low or changed libido, erectile issues, porn use, sexual orientation etc.

I show my clients how our ideas about sex – and ourselves – are more important than a perfect body or exotic techniques. I aim to improve people’s intimacy in their relationship to feel safe, understood and fulfilled.

Edit Horvath MSocSci Hons Psych, COP (Sex Therapy)


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