Sweet essential oil scents of seduction

All 5 senses are incredibly important when it comes to sex.  We, as humans, fall in love using our senses.  We all have a unique sense of smell with preconceived ideas based on our preferences. 

What one person may find a pleasant odour, another may not.  Inhaling scents sends a message to our brain which can trigger memories and feelings either positive or negative, that relate to each scent.

One way to increase the passion in your relationship is to add essential oil scents of seduction around your home and on your body that prompt chemicals to be released n the body. 

Doing so can cause such sexual reactions, emotions and desires to surface leading to feelings of euphoria, heightened sensitivity, lowered inhibitions and relaxation which leads to physical arousal by increasing blood flow to the genital area.

Smells can trigger fond memories and romantic feelings and we can identify fairly quickly whether we are attracted to someone or not.

So which essential oil scents of seduction prompt chemicals to be released in the body that lead to sexual arousal and stimulation?  Scientists have discovered that:  cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, jasmine, frankincense, patchouli, ylang-ylang and musk all have properties that can arouse and stimulate both males and females. 

Here is an outline of each scent and their benefits:

Cinnamon - a source of manganese that increases blood flow to the male genitals.

Vanilla - a sexually arousing scent that has previously been prescribed to increase male potency that induces euphoria and relaxation.

Lavender - induces relaxation and sleep, reduces anxiety and enhances male sexual arousal especially when combined with the scent of a pumpkin pie.

Jasmine - is alluring to men when combined with rose scent.  It relieves stress, calms fear and anxiety and is mildly euphoric.

Frankincense - eases depression and anxiety and is a calming fragrance that acts as a sex hormone to awaken sexuality.

Patchouli - relieves stress related tension, eases anxiety and helps men to relax and get aroused.

Ylang Ylang - decreased blood pressure and has a calming effect that makes your sexual experiences feel deeper and more profound.  It soothes the emotions of anxiety, anger, worry and fear and gets you in the mood for some loving.

Musk - is known to resemble the scent of male pheromones where women are more sensitive to it than men.

Other scents of seduction to attract men include pumpkin pie, liquorice, doughnuts, lavender, oriental spice and cola.  To increase blood flow to the penis try using combinations such as pumpkin pie and doughnuts or doughnut and black liquorice.

How can you use these essential oils/scents to add more passion in your relationship?

  • Use essential oils either in diffusers, add a few drops to your bath or wear them as you would perfume
  • Use scented body oils, lotions or hair products and to create your own simply add a few drops of essential oil to existing products
  • Use scented massage oils to give each other a sensual massage or if you don't have any create your own by adding a few drops to an existing massage oil or lotion
  • Light scented candles around the room or drop a few drops of essential oils on light bulbs to fill the air with scent
  • Bake cookies or cinnamon rolls and if you really want to drive him crazy, bake a pumpkin pie, light a lavender candle while wearing a vanilla scented perfume.  Good luck.

We will be working with a local New Zealand provider of essential oils to bring you the oils mentioned in this article together in a convenient package so you can start increasing the passion in your relationship.  Keep an eye on our regular newsletters for more details on this soon.

We would love to hear about how you have increased the passion in your relationship by leaving a comment below.


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